Michael L. Daniels -  Attorney at Law   


"Don't mistake the complexity of the legal system for a lack of fairness. If you understand the rules, you can even find fairness in the most difficult cases" - Michael L. Daniels

Advocacy is the art of pleading a case for another. It is the science of working within the rules to create the desired outcome. All too often, individuals attempt to tackle complex legal issues pro se  (without an attorney) only to find disaster in the courtroom as skilled attorneys look on thinking, "that was an easy procedural hurdle to clear." One judge explained the value of an advocate to a pro se litigant this way, "... you see... they make us go to law school, and they make us read a lot of books. You haven't read those books. If you had you would know why I have to dismiss your case. You see these people on the front row in suits? They're attorneys. They've read the books and know the answer. As a judge, I can't give you legal advice, but maybe you should talk to one of them." If you need some help navigating and understanding the legal system, contact us.


Areas of Advocacy Practice Include:

  • Family Law

  • Business Disputes

  • Negotiation / Mediation